Pwede bang akin ka na lang? Akin ka na lang. Ako nalang mahalin mo.


Penge pong kaibigan, yung panghabang buhay, yung hindi ako iiwanan, yung nandiyan palagi, yung kahit na may problema kami tinatawanan namin, yung magiging partner-in-crime ko, kasama sa kalokohan, tawanan, kaharutan at kalandian, yung pareho kami ng taong kinakainisan. Penge po ako ng kaibigan na tatanggapin kung sino ako kung ano ako, kung pagkaclingy, moody, tahimik ko. Pengeng kaibigan, yung pang layptaym.


Isang araw, malalaman mo na lang na hindi ka na nasasaktan, na wala na yung sakit, na hindi ka na malungkot, na hindi mo na ramdam ang mag isa. At sa panahong iyon, malalaman mo kung gaano kasaya ang buhay; mabuhay. 

Never apologize to me for the way your heart beats, and your mind thinks, and your hands take action.
That’s who you are.
And yes, those battles can be bloody. And yes, you can wind up with too many bruises to count.
But I promise you, I will press my lips to each and every one of those battle scars until you forget the difference between giving and receiving.
Let these words sink into every inch of your body until you feel them sizzling in your bones with full conviction. (via because-she-loves-words)

Lord, masama po ba humiling pero sana yung MS ko eh.. alam ko naman po pero umaasa parin ako. Sana di masakit.

  • He'll never be yours.

Nakakatakot makaramdam ng konting saya, konting pagmamahal, konting pagtiwala kasi nasanay ka na na puro masasakit na bagay lang nangyayari sayo. Baka may kapalit na mas grabe at mas masakit.

Looking back, it really amazed me how stronger and braver i’ve become. I may not know the reason why, it may not be over yet but i know God has plans and reasons and someday, i will know why.

1. There are seven billion people in this world who have the potential to love you so much that their bones ache with it. There are seven billion pairs of hands to hold, seven billion pairs of lips to kiss. There are seven billion sets of lungs out there, and one of them is anchored deep inside your chest. You will find someone who makes breathing seem worth it. You will find someone who makes you breathless.
2. People who are blind from birth still know how to smile, though they’ve never seen someone else do it. Happiness is locked somewhere deep inside all of us, even you. Especially you. You are a fighter. The key to that happiness is clutched inside your fist. It is tucked beneath bloodied knuckles. Your fight is almost over, darling. You will stand victorious. You will let that happiness out.
3. Sometimes, it hurts to feel. This I know, but I also know it is so much worse to be numb. Let your heart throb against your ribs, let that defiant drumbeat shake the marrow of your bones. Run until your muscles burn beneath you and you feel like a strange mix of animal and machine. Catch snowflakes on your tongue, spit glaciers at the feet of everyone who tried to freeze you out.
4. Make your mark. Scrawl your name on the sides of abandoned buildings at night. Kiss someone before you even catch their name. Leave them stained with red lipstick and the taste of you. When they watch you walk away, don’t look back. Keep moving forward. Leave footprints behind you. There is someone, somewhere, who is dying to follow in them.
5. Hold on, baby. Soon enough, no one will ever let you go.
Things to remember when you’ve forgotten what sunshine feels like on your skin. (via poppyflowerpoetry)
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It is better to let go than to hold on to nothing.
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Mahal ka nga, hindi naman ikaw yung pinili.

I thought the original version made my heart ache but Ed Sheeran’s voice just makes it hurt even more.

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Never beg someone to stay
my five word story (via bl-ossomed)

Everything is temporary.
3 words that completely changed my life once I fully accepted them  (via bl-ossomed)
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Not everyone is willing to take the risk of getting hurt again just to be with you. So the moment you find someone who would, treat him/her right and never let go.
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